Never mind, I'm Dead

by Ordovïcıum

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released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Ordovïcıum Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Complesso plastico motorumorista a luminosità colorate e spruzzatori
Track Name: The symbol of Murder Legendre
You're more than welcome
To count the dead
The domain is R2
The range is heads

Well, come and see my
They're orthogonal
Though not normal

Follow me across these lines
See the reason in no time

Or maybe not
Maybe you'll die insolent
Die you all insolent animals

Now that you came here
Please, shake my hand
Try and refuse me
You'll wake up dead

Well, come and see your
Shape crafted to wax
Flick your eyes open
Meet my gloom axe
Track Name: How I lost the war
How I Lost the War

Easy match tonight, they said
But I don’t grow that high
Lean against the ropes and bleed
The floor is getting nigh
See my eyes and what’s to come
Not hard to foretell
Split my tongue and tear my nails
Kiss the crowd farewell

Yellow sidewalk morning comes
Bolts and joints smashed
Stepped in the blows to end the line
Saw bites my thin flesh
Yellow sidewalk morning came without call
Everything reversed
Stepped in the blows to start the line
Everything now fair

23 hundred times my old friends they were clipped
Dragged around beneath surface tide I was lost and found
Gave those shades a burst of joy on that horror-drenched attic
Now I'm inside electron rays, right on dinner time
And it’s time...
Track Name: Gruvolyckan
Machine runs, get your suits and masks
Weld yourselves to the rules that keep you breathe
Golden shepherd sings shiny yellow songs
Keep telling those tales while the sky is pale silver
(Don’t stop those tales ‘till another dawn)

Circle of coal – buried in this body of rock
I see all to come – frozen by the air it breathes
Mirror descent – should have told you yesterday
Sweep us up – join the bones that kept us warm

Cracks in the chest, skin is peeling off
Within the veins insects run their course
Wired inside, all tremblings controlled
Flick the switch, shepherd, paint a new sky

These trilobites crawl through my ears
This dead black bark keeps filling my lung

This machinery won't take us far
These coins of coal are laid on the eye
Track Name: Among the wise (Refuse racists)
Among the Wise (Refuse Racists)

Countless days you did our chores
Now it’s time to open doors
Fear not, for science’s strong
Gather round and smoke a bong

Outshine us
Do your best
Fear us not

Among the wise
You’ll be safe
Fear us not

Hear my words, you nitwits, brutes
Refuse racists and spread the truth
Fear not, for science’s good
Now it’s time to leave the hood
Track Name: I want you (included japanese bonus track)
I want you
I want you so bad, baby
Driving me mad!

Look to the east where thunder doom is rising
Into the acid tide of morning tears
Want you so bad my blood turns into spiders
Lucifer, grant me silent, silent dreams
Track Name: Die Fürsten der Dunkelheit
Smoke, fire, water, light
They're different
Not as to stone nor steel
But they're tangible

And we assume time is an arrow
Because it is as a clock
One second is one second for everyone
Cause precedes effect

Fruit rots, water flows downstream
We're born, we age, we die
The reverse NEVER happens
None of this is true

Say goodbye to classical reality!
Track Name: Lucifer over Zirc